AS siRNAsense
The company focuses on the first critical ...
Oslo - Biotech & Pharma
researching antibiotic-producing bacteria for anti-fungal and anti-cancer ...
Trondheim - Biotech & Pharma
Drug Discovery Laboratory
drug discovery and development, including synthesis and ...
Biotech & Pharma
a tool to early detect cancer.
Biotech & Pharma
Geir Corporation
development and production of a super oxygenated ...
Fredrikstad - Biotech & Pharma
Kappa Bioscience
production of pure vitamin K2 as menaquinone-7 ...
Biotech & Pharma
Labrat Customs
development of instruments and robots for high ...
Biotech & Pharma
Lauras AS
develops immunostimulatory drugs that stimulate and improve ...
Biotech & Pharma
Lytix Biopharma
developing novel antimicrobial peptide-based drugs for the ...
Tromsø - Biotech & Pharma
Matriks AS
offers products, solutions and services for companies ...
Biotech & Pharma
Nordic Nanovector
develops anticancer therapeutics
Biotech & Pharma
Making powders from omega3
Oslo - Biotech & Pharma