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There is only one true goal:

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Startup Norway is a private impact organization started in 2011 by passionate entrepreneurs, wanting to create a stronger and more inclusive startup community. 

Startup Extreme 2017 - Day One - Bergen - Image copyright Dan Taylor-

On a long term mission... 

Creating a strong startup ecosystem is a long term mission. It is about the "circle of startup life" where the older generation entrepreneurs support the new in an eternal loop of paying it forward.

We are in it for the long run, and are excited that every day we see a new sign that the ecosystem is getting stronger and stronger, with more and more new companies being on the track to success. 

And it's all with one goal: Setting the stage for tomorrows startup success stories from our region.


A growing ecosystem

  • More investors are joining in to support new founders with their knowledge and capital.

  • Established corporations are opening up for collaboration with startups and engaging in the ecosystem

  • Support-organizations like incubators, work-spaces and accelerators are truly bringing value to the startups in their growth phases.

  • Events, programs, and conferences are happening daily to share knowledge and inspire more entrepreneurs.

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Our initiatives: 

Through our initiatives we aim to support and inspire to give back and take part in the "circle of startup life". 

Angel Challenge

A Startup Investment Program

Since 2015, we have created the startup investment training program Angel Challenge.

We aim to train both investors and founders with the knowledge they need to invest in startups or become investable. We have trained more than 330 investors that has invested in more than 30 startups together. 

Learn startup investing by doing it 

Startup Extreme

Where the world meets the Norwegian startup ecosystem.

Since 2015, hundreds of startups, investors and supporters from the startup ecosystem has met up in June for the three day startup-event of the year.

We believe in great places to meet and network. Startup Extreme is created together with ecosystem players from all over Norway and the nordics.

Startup Campus

Surround yourself with entrepreneurship in our Startup Campus

Startup Campus is an entrepreneurial playground, coworking and eventspacein the middle of Oslo center.

This is our 2500m^2 home, where we sit together with startups, investors and friends from the greater startup ecosystem.


"By professionalizing the startup industry together, we support the entrepreneurial superstars of tomorrow!"