The process

The event starts on Friday with pitching of ideas, all attendees are invited to share their ideas (about 1/3 do) and invite others to join their team. On Saturday and Sunday, the teams will focus on validating their ideas, get customers and build a prototype. Sunday evening they will present their project and get feedback from a panel of experts. Besides the educational goal of the event, the attendees will get to meet a number of talented and knowledgeable mentors and other attendees that have an idea or that want to be involved in projects. It is a great place to recruit or to be recruited.

Startup Norway as facilitators 

Startup Weekend is a global grass-root organization, with events organized in close to every country on the planet. Startup Norway is responsible for empowering the Norwegian Startup Weekend events. In Norway you find Startup Weekend in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim and Bodø